My name is Arpan Saha. Until recently, I was an undergraduate majoring in Engineering Physics at the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, but having graduated in August 2014, I am currently wading about in academic limbo. In particular, this means that if you are considering offering me a research position, then yes, I am very interested and you are officially my favourite person in the Universe. But even if you aren’t, welcome to my blog all the same. I am now doing a PhD in Mathematical Physics at the University of Hamburg, and my advisors are wonderful people indeed. Welcome to my blog!

All I’ll say by way of introduction is that the designation of “detritus” proudly embraced in my masthead should be taken very, very seriously. This is where I give free rein to all my half-baked ideas about physics and mathematics amid perverse literary experimentation betraying the writerly ambitions that should have been snuffed out ages ago but have sadly survived my childhood delusions. Moreover, even within sober jurisdictions, it wouldn’t be atypical of me to optimise for self-amusement instead of expository value. Clearly, restraint and neutrality are pretty much out of question.

Although I shall try my best to ensure that I do not make any statement that is obviously false, in the unlikely event that an erratum on my part leads you to inadvertently wreak havoc on half the human race, I shall vehemently refuse to have anything to do with it. Unless that hapless half happens to include me, of course.

Make yourself at home. You have been forewarned.


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